5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Image

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Facebook engagement rate hovers around a whopping .07% of followers, which means if you have 2,000 followers 1 person will engage with your page. Now yes that’s on average but that’s a pretty abysmal number. Now let’s contrast that with Instagram engagement rate of 4.2% and you see its like comparing raisins to prunes. The amount of users interacting with your brand is higher on Instagram than on Facebook. If you want to really reach and engage with your target audience the way to do that is Instagram and here are five tips to help you.

5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

  1. Create Your Story
    Frame a story around your account and use the account to tell that story. As tempting as it might be to just post cool pics of things relating to your account, don’t. Stay focused on your story and use Instagram as your medium to tell that story. That doesn’t mean that your story can’t change, as there are many chapters in one book there are many chapters to your story just remember the central tenet.
  2. Welcome all New Followers
    One of the more surprising and humanizing tips is to have direct contact with your followers. Be that person at the party that introduces yourself and gets the conversation started and welcome all new followers with a direct message. A simple canned response could be fine but taking a second to include a personalized touch, could be even more effective.
  3. Use Quality Hashtags
    Another great way to bring in people that aren’t following you is to use the right hashtags. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post so go ahead and take advantage of that and use 30. Seems like a bit of an overkill I know, but according to studies posts on Instagram with over 11 hashtags have greater engagement. How do you choose the right ones? Start with the obvious ones, search that hashtags and see what other people are using and incorporate them into your own as well.
  4. Reply to Nearly all Comments
    Self explanatory I know, but a simple thanks for leaving a comment, or a smiley face can go a long way, so take some time and socialize with those reaching out to you. I say “nearly all comments” because whatever you do, as tempting as it may seem, don’t respond to the trolls (aka hate comments). I know its hard to not engage but trust me the best way to make it better is to disengage.
  5. Follow Accounts Back
    If your are truly going to be engaged with your community you need to see what they are doing and be a part of that community. Major brands with millions and hundreds of thousands followers don’t need to do this but if you’re under 20k followers, you should be involved in your community. Don’t be that account no one has heard of with 20k followers and 50 following. That doesn’t mean you have to follow all accounts back but I personally try to follow like accounts back and exclude the off topic and private ones.

Bonus: Don’t Post the Same Images on all Platforms.
When telling your story through Instagram try and remember that Instagram is it’s own platform and one that should be treated as such. Don’t take an image you posted on Facebook and Twitter and just post it again on Instagram. Instagram is it’s own beast, so treat is as such. You should not be thinking of Instagram as an extension of brand but rather another part of your story.

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