About Irving Roman

About Irving Roman

I am a Graphic Designer by experience, a Program Coordinator by title and Editor-in-Chief and Marketing Leader by passion. Currently I am assisting the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University as a Program Coordinator where I get the opportunity to not only interact with some amazing people but help them mold future educators, maybe one, that will one day be my kids’ future teacher.

As Founder, Editor and Writer for The Keg Tap, I have the pleasure of being part of a culture of folks spreading good juju through the web one glass at a time. I started the site in 2011 with three contributors and now we are up to six with guest contributors almost bi-monthly. Our readership has grown from my family to a reach I would have never imagined in 2011 when I just wanted to document my passion. We are one cog in the the huge community that is craft beer and we are proud to be one of the most established sites still producing content. Through our social media efforts and our consistency, we have been able to become not only a part of the culture but be one of those that shape dialogue. We are proud of our success and are grateful for the support we receive from the community.


Creative Software: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier), Audacity and iMovie
CMS: Drupal and WordPress (using HTML and CSS)
Social Media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Tumbler and MailChimp
Skills: Customer Service, Social Media Campaign Management, Website Design, Print Design, Video Production and Written Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization
Languages: English and Spanish


Having spent countless hours tucked away in the computer lab of Rutgers University designing flyers and promotional materials for my fraternity, Sigma Lambda Beta, I began to develop a skill that would help me ten years later in building a successful promotional campaign for the same university I studied at.

After college, my first employer was MBNA America (now Bank of America) as an Account Manager helping to minimize loan losses. After two years of transitioning through the ranks of the department, I transitioned over to Customer Service where I was able to use all of the formal corporate knowledge and leadership skills to successfully work my way through the many levels of the department assisting in roles such as Fraud, Premier Account Portfolios, Billing Disputes and Customer Marketing.

In 2005 an opportunity to return to Rutgers arose and I graciously accepted a new position at the Center for Effective School Practices. Initially I began helping the Center with student registration but slowly became the Registrar of the Center and then Program Manager and Graphic Designer. Currently I am assisting the Graduate School of Education’s Office of Information Technology as a Program Manager.

My Resume



  • Founder/Owner/Editor-in-Chief
  • Assisted Pabst Brewery in the media campaign of Ballantine IPA
  • Appeared in the Ballantine IPA commercial. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX_YzZq7Tsg)
  • Managed all social media accounts including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn.
  • 8% engagement rate on Instagram, double the average engagement rate for businesses.
Rutgers University
  • Created marketing campaign that attracted over 30,000 educators to professional development workshops and conferences.
  • Designed the intranet portal for the Graduate School of Education
  • Created instructional videos for the Graduate School of Education
  • Managed a registration team of four that successfully input over 30,000 student registrations for professional development workshops
  • Website administrator for the Graduate School of Education
  • Successful technology management of eleven 1200+ attendee educator conferences.
  • Seven Time Top Performer
  • New Hire Mentor
  • Founder of the Spanish Customer Assistance Program in Newark, NJ
  • Two Time Quality Recognition Award

Additional Accomplishments

Sigma Lambda Beta
  • Chairman of the National Alumni Senate 2008-2011
  • Assistant Director of Expansion 2011-Present
  • Designed the national publication website El Iluminador
  • Designed both the Expansion Packet and physical copy of national publication
  • President of the 2 time winning Alumni Association of the year, New Jersey Alumni Association.

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