Millennials Aren’t the Most Active Social Media Users

Most Active Social Media Users

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We blame them for everything from not buying cars to being the ones with their face buried in a screen unable to carry a conversation and interact with people but it looks like things might be changing. A report out from Nielsen has debunked a long standing myth that Millennials are the generation to blame for all the worlds ills. The can’t socialize, their self esteem is too high for their skill set, they are lazy, they are entitled. the list goes on but one thing we can’t blame them for anymore is being the generation so attached to social media they can’t pry themselves away. What? Yes, Millennials aren’t the most active social media users according to the Nielsen study and they take a mere second place and are awarded the participation medal of valor of the everyone is special club.

Most Active Social Media Users

So which group is making us challenge everything we love to hate about Millennials? Adults age 35-49 are bringing home the medal of social media shame, yes that’s right the often forgot about Generation X claims the top spot with a whopping six hours and 58 minutes of average social media time per week. Millennials clock in at 6 hours and 19 minutes, so what does that mean? Well for starters your Aunt Lucy taking those selfies on “The Facebook” and still making Harlem Shake videos in 2017 is the one driving our media landscape. Secondly if they are driving media consumption, are we ever going to get a Fast Times at Ridgemont High sequel or Breaksfast Club 2 and when is Netflix dropping the Love Boat remix series?

Unfortunately for Generation X’ers, your population numbers are vastly overshadowed by Boomers and Millennials, so good luck on your dreams of watching a new Good Times series on Amazon Prime because you’re just not that profitable but enjoy the Most Active Social Media Users award 2017.

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