The Job Rejection That Changed it All

Job Rejection

I was waiting all weekend in anticipation for an email that would change the direction of my career. I had dreams about the new office, eating lunch in the park outside of the building and just overall enjoying my new station in life. I had road maps of how I was going to meet new people and what I was going to say, where I was going to sit in the dining area, needless to say, I was ready. I rocked the interview the week prior and I waited by my feeding dish (cellphone) like a puppy waiting for his owner to pour career goodness over my life bowl. Monday morning arrives and so does the email and I’m ready to get up from my desk and go proclaim I’m OUT! With a smile ear to ear I quickly read “we’ve decided to move forward with another candidate” LIFE PUNCH!

After I picked my heart up off the floor, I let it go and continue living my life, pretending I’m undaunted by the news.

Changing it All

Fast forward 24 hours and enters a Gary Vaynerchuk video in my Facebook timeline, talking about how mobile advertisements are playing second fiddle to TV commercials. I immediately thought, who is this guy and how do I become this guru speaking in front of this huge crowd, so I browse his website and learn.

See I had my recipe for social media success laid out, I was going to champion ME by producing quality content on this blog that was going to add value to the world. By producing that quality content , thus changing the world(naturally!), I was going to become immersed in the culture, the lifestyle, have people listen, interact and finally make a name for myself.

That’s when I stumbled upon this post Document Don’t Create: Creating Content That Builds Your Personal Brand and it changed everything. In the post/video Gary talks about rather than creating high quality content that will add value to the world, document the process of me going through this change. I never thought of anyone being interested in the process and never considered that by showing people how I become what I want to be, validates what I will become. I need to be honest and document my process and build my brand and not just jump head first into a world without having footing firmly rooted in it.

The Job Rejection That Changed it All

That’s when my job rejection came full circle and I realized that I am not done pursuing who I want to be and that career move would have kept me doing the same thing I currently doing, just in a different location. What I’m doing now is not who I want to be in five years and just like that I’m the happiest job reject ever because I get to continue striving for my future me.

Go visit and check out his YouTube channel

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