Web Design • Irving Roman

Web Design • Irving Roman

In 1996 I spent countless hours in the Rutgers University computer lab working on websites for fun. Here I am only a few years later with a Bachelors in Political Science working as a Graphic Designer building websites for the same university I began my hobby at. I find it humorous on some levels, that what was then a hobby, is now my career and what I thought was my career is now a piece of paper that hangs on my wall.

Here are examples of the work I’ve created in the past few years:

Currently Active

The Keg Tap (2011)
The Keg Tap
(in development)

Irving Roman (2011)

Center for Literacy Development (in testing)

Currently Inactive

Center for Effective School Practices (2008)
(original design no longer active)

El Iluminador (2009)
(original design no longer active)

Sigma Lambda Beta of NJ (2010)

Rutgers Reading and Writing Conference(2010)

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